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Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Adventures of 'DENTAL DOGS'

Helping to save the canines of canines everywhere!

Their mission is to educate other pooches about the importance of brushing and caring for their choppers.

They firmly believe there is no reason a dog has to have doggy breath! ;0)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Fun day dog show

This show should have been renamed to the Hot dog show. It was quite hot and steamy.

I entered Tucker in the 'cutest tail' class. Trevor in the 'best adopted dog' class and Trevor and Tucker as 'Hairy Potter' and 'King Tuck' in the best costume class.

Timber was too busy trying to be the winner of the nonexistent 'tough dog' class to enter her in any real classes! Bark! bark! Bark! One tough little dudess!

Anyway, we didn't place in any of the classes- three rescues grey hounds took the best adopted dog, and a New foundland pulling a goat cart full of stuffed animals took the costume class. They all truely deserved to win.

We were able to represent our breed well, and also to educate a few people about blind dogs.

Unfortunately my husband doesn't know how to work the camera, so no pics of us in the classes. I did however get a couple of him and the 'Fuzzies'.
Mom, Dad, my 'three Fuzzies' and the Queen

Mom's Pom

Well, Queen Isabella is finally at her forever home!  After living years as a prisoner of the Union County Puppy mill she will finally be getting the love and attention her sweet little heart deserves.
Sunday, a week ago, my parents, husband, son and I, headed to Concord,NC to Mary Lou's (Our rescue angel). She brought Isabella out with her collar, tag, food, meds and records.

While Mom was finishing up the paper work my Dad took her for a little walk. They looked SO CUTE together! He is 6'2" with silver hair and beard and looks very rugged, while she just pranced beside him like the little Queen she is.

I was beside myself- giggling- like a little kid. My Dad was "we don't need a dog" and not even 2 seconds after she walked out the door she has him wrapped around her liitle furry paw!
After tearful hugs we drove out of the driveway with Isabella wrapped in a baby blanket where she sat in mom's lap all the way home.
So thus it begins.................

Here is Mom, Isabella, and Trevor (he thinks my Mom belongs to him!)

Here they are again at my house, a week after Isabella comes home.