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Friday, February 13, 2004

I would like to thank my husbands co-workers for the March of DimesValentine basket. It was given to him along with the note "Please forgive us, your cold hearted co-workers".
We hope that the more people that read this blog, the more that people will become educated about puppy mills.
The horrors that these dogs go through is really no laughing matter and the people that rescue them, take their mission very seriously.
My husband has a huge heart and is very supportive of this mission and deserves better than the aggravation he takes because of my involvement.
Here is a photo of the basket.

Sunday, February 08, 2004


Tracker Jack loves to hear me read his 'fannymail' ( that is his fan email.)

So if you would like to send him an email you can click on the Tracker Jack box link on the right or send it to TrackerJack

Thanks to the good Lord, Jack is no longer the 'Jack in the box' of the horrible puppy mill, but Tracker Jack, the very much loved, Inc ambassadog.
Saturday Feb 14 at 8:00 pm the MSNBC National Geographic Ultimate Explore "Love those Dogs" was shown again. If there is any way possible in the future please watch it. It is very informative. Education is the key to stopping the puppy mills.

"Our love for dogs also has a dark side. A group of dog-loving volunteers goes undercover to investigate the demand for pet dogs, particularly purebreds. Such demand has fostered an under-regulated breeding industry that is contributing to increased genetic problems in dogs."
MSNBC - Love Those Dogs: "National Geographic Ultimate Explorer"

Tracker Jack thinks he is now becoming a STAR