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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Great NEWS!! Tracker Jack and Trevor have learned to walk on a leash with a harness.

Trevor would always crouch down when you put the lead on him. With a little cheese and a little patience he is enjoying his new secure freedom on a leash. He just looks so beautiful trotting around with his full coat dragging the ground like a ball gown.

Tracker Jack took to the leash very well. He will follow food anywhere, and he loves cheese also. Before I knew it he was PRANCING like a show dog on the lead and we walked all the way to our stop sign. This just astonishes me- because he could barely stand when we got him and now he is running!
Tucker does a beautiful job on the lead, but Timber had never been taught. Ronnie(my husband) went camping this weekend so I was able to teach 'Daddy's little girl' how to behave on the lead.
She is a bundle of bouncing energy, but before I knew it she was putting that energy into a beautiful flowing gait. I just hope it lasts!
Today is so hot and we have a new rescue outside. It is a raccoon. I saw it last night and went and put out food and water. It looked as if it fell out of a tree. Poor thing. Rabies is a very big possibility so extra caution had to be taken. I checked on him again this morning and sprayed herbal fly spray on him( he was covered in flies)from a great distance with a really good spray bottle, and fed and watered him again. I don't think he will live, but at least he has been given a chance and is not in misery.
He is bigger than Tucker!