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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

As I have been thinking about the Petfest one of the strongest memories I have is of the Special Olympics children, that were in town for the Special Olympic games. One of them was a young man that came up to us and just gently stroked Jack's fur. He never said a word. Just looked at Jack and his eyes filled up with tears as he shook his head and kept stroking the rough orange fur.
I knew what he was feeling and I told him not to be sad for Jack that he was in a wonderful home and would be taken care of forever. However he just sighed, shrugged and walked off, still sorrowful.
I know what that gesture meant too- 'How can man do this to another of God's creatures?' and 'What about all the others left behind?'
I have to admit I write this now with tears in my eyes, pain in my soul and a little old orange fuzzy dog on my lap. Wondering the same thing.
Tracker Jack has paid with his poor old body for his all day ordeal on Sunday. He has had several times when I have had to lift him up to get his rear legs working these last two days. But I am sure if he could talk, he would say that it was worth it.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Petfest : Bilo Center, Greenville,SC

My husband, sister(Melinda),Tracker Jack and I, attended the Petfest in Greenville, SC at the Bilo Center on March 28th to represent PMR and try to inform people of the horrors of puppy mills. We thank those who came out and see us and the 'Super Dogs' show.

It was one of the most exciting and rewarding days I have ever spent! From the time we signed in and were shown our space, to the time we packed the car up in the parking lot - We were able to educate people about puppy mills.

Tracker Jack was very popular and people really seemed to be drawn to his little orange fuzzy head and little pink tongue.

At times we had lines 12 wide and 8 deep waiting to touch him and talk to us.
The IMPS people took pity on us and kept us supplied with drinks and support when we took a potty break. I have never seen anything like it.
People were moved to tears. There faces reflected their feelings as I told about puppy mills. They would go white with horror and red with anger, some would cry, but all would listen. I am so amazed at the people who did not know about puppy mills.

The most asked question was: Why does his tongue stick out? That would open the door for me to tell them about the poor nutrition, and conditions at the mills. Then I would show them PICS (on the board) taken from the web site of what mills look like and what Jack's condition was, and then show them PICS of the 40+ that still need adopting.
My husband took us and got us unloaded and set up, then he went home. My sister, Melinda McMillion stayed and helped the entire time.
Our booth was right next to the IMPS booth and she was able to help me while my other sister,(Sharon) worked in the IMPS booth with her Min Pin, Money Penny.

We had such a good time.
Jack got so tired that he fell asleep in my arms several times and people would ask if he was 'real'!

One of the most frequently asked question was 'Why would people do such a thing?' For this question there is a one word answer - GREED.