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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

A Christmas Story
(author unknown to me)
Long ago in the deepest of winters all of the animals on earth were abuzz with news.
"He is Born! HE IS BORN!" cried the snowy owl.
"Come one and all" " Rejoice" roared the mighty lion.
"Bring gifts to the new King" the deer hurried.
The forest grew bright with the din of excitement.
Every creature was rushing towards the star.
The noise was so loud and joyful that it traveled distant lands.
In a quiet glen, under a bramble bush, a small lonely dog raised his head from his slumber and heard the sounds from afar. He raised his little headand wondered. Slowly he raised his tired body and sniffed the air. He knew something was amiss - but he knew not what.
A voice ever so sweet was singing in the distance, this he could hear. The words were not at all clear, but the sound was of waterfalls, and misty mornings and everything dear. Eagerly he followed the sound and soon saw a star. It shone so brightly his little eyes watered.
What was this shiny thing that happily glowed? What could be happening that would bring about such a lovely sight?
His little legs beat the path for many days. He became tired and hungry but still he walked on. He had to follow the sound of that voice. The voice that reminded him of warmer and kinder times. He had to follow the light of the star. The star told him of happy things to come.
At last he came into a clearing, and his eyes beheld a mystifying sight.
Animals were everywhere, and each had a precious gift. Some brought shiny berries from the forest, some brought beautiful leaves, some brought twigs from the rarest of trees and some even brought the most precious wildflowers of the field.
They were laying these gifts at the entrance of a stable.
Above the stable, the light of the star twinkled more brightly than before.
He turned to the deer and asked: "What is all this? Where have I come?"
"You have come to see the new King. He is Born. Where are your gifts for this child?" asked the deer reproachfully.
"I have no gifts.I didn't know."said the lonely little dog with his head hung low.
The deer sneered and snubbed and quickly walked away as he tossed his head indignantly.
The little dog's body trembled all over, his bedragled tail tucked between his little legs, and his poor head hung lower than ever. He was ashamed. And yet, he still wanted to get a peek a the New King.
Quietly, ever so carefully, he crept over to the stable. He was so small he could easily hide under the other animals. Ever so sleekly he crept up to the manger and peeked inside. "WHO ARE YOU?" boomed the voice of the Lion.
And the little dog cowered, much humbled. He laid his little head at the foot of the manger and hid his eyes. He was ready to be killed by the Lion, and yet he spoke ever
so quietly, ever so meekly, ever so bravely: "I have no gifts, I have no berries, or twigs, or bright flowers of the field. All I have is my life,and I will gladly give that, for I have shamed all my brethren tonight."
He waited - with his eyes closed, thinking that if he did die
tonight, at least he would die beneath the cradle of his King. That's when he felt a warm and gentle hand upon him. He did not dare to open his eyes, until he heard a woman's voice speak: "Do not fear, little one. You are safe here.This bramble in your fur speaks of the gift you have brought Him."
Thelonely little dog opened his eyes and looked at the woman. "But I have no gift to offer, save for myself, and that is very little." he shyly protested.
The woman smiled and scratched his ears. "Little dog, you traveled far to see your King. That is gift enough when it comes from your heart. What gift
is more precious than one given in innocence and humility? No,
little one,you are welcome here." As she spoke, she raised the little dog up.
"Behold, your King, the Son of Man. You shall serve Him well." And the baby smiled.
So it came to pass and dog was lonely no more, and dog has served man ever since, loyal to a fault, and humble he remains. A gift from God to us- for who, but the dog will travel miles without explanation? Who, but dog, will
cower from you even if he is not wrong? Who, but dog, will take a scolding even when he is not to blame? Who, but dog, is content to die at our feet if he so must? This is our gift- Let us care for it well.

What can I give Him,

Poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd,

I would bring a lamb;

If I were a wise man,

I would do my part;

Yet what I can give Him-

Give my heart.
Christina Rossetti

Monday, December 15, 2003

The Pommies got in a little trouble when Trevor grabbed the reins!!!

Tucker has been playing too many reindeer games!

We found a way to make a virtual card(believe it or not-on the budweiser site!) if you would like to hear him speak (he has developed a Scottish accent- he refuses to speak with a southern drawl!)
check out Trevors talking spot at:


Tucker and Timber were very excited!

Trevor sat still 'as pretty as a picture'!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

As Christmas approaches - the Poms are busy readying the sleigh......

Friday, November 14, 2003

The Pom Pups want to say happy Thanksgiving in their own special way:

The first Thanksgiving was enjoyed when the Pilgrims..........

...and the Indians got give thanks to God, .....

...... and to eat Tucky - oOOps! ...... that is TURKEY

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Trevor's Pics

Here is Trevor the day after I picked him up,

and here is his fuzzy little self now Nov, 2003

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Adventures of 'DENTAL DOGS'

Helping to save the canines of canines everywhere!

Their mission is to educate other pooches about the importance of brushing and caring for their choppers.

They firmly believe there is no reason a dog has to have doggy breath! ;0)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Fun day dog show

This show should have been renamed to the Hot dog show. It was quite hot and steamy.

I entered Tucker in the 'cutest tail' class. Trevor in the 'best adopted dog' class and Trevor and Tucker as 'Hairy Potter' and 'King Tuck' in the best costume class.

Timber was too busy trying to be the winner of the nonexistent 'tough dog' class to enter her in any real classes! Bark! bark! Bark! One tough little dudess!

Anyway, we didn't place in any of the classes- three rescues grey hounds took the best adopted dog, and a New foundland pulling a goat cart full of stuffed animals took the costume class. They all truely deserved to win.

We were able to represent our breed well, and also to educate a few people about blind dogs.

Unfortunately my husband doesn't know how to work the camera, so no pics of us in the classes. I did however get a couple of him and the 'Fuzzies'.
Mom, Dad, my 'three Fuzzies' and the Queen

Mom's Pom

Well, Queen Isabella is finally at her forever home!  After living years as a prisoner of the Union County Puppy mill she will finally be getting the love and attention her sweet little heart deserves.
Sunday, a week ago, my parents, husband, son and I, headed to Concord,NC to Mary Lou's (Our rescue angel). She brought Isabella out with her collar, tag, food, meds and records.

While Mom was finishing up the paper work my Dad took her for a little walk. They looked SO CUTE together! He is 6'2" with silver hair and beard and looks very rugged, while she just pranced beside him like the little Queen she is.

I was beside myself- giggling- like a little kid. My Dad was "we don't need a dog" and not even 2 seconds after she walked out the door she has him wrapped around her liitle furry paw!
After tearful hugs we drove out of the driveway with Isabella wrapped in a baby blanket where she sat in mom's lap all the way home.
So thus it begins.................

Here is Mom, Isabella, and Trevor (he thinks my Mom belongs to him!)

Here they are again at my house, a week after Isabella comes home.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Here are some of our costume ideas. We had a lot of fun with them!


"It's not easy being green!"



Pomahontaus- Indian princess

Pommie Brave Boy

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Great NEWS!
I just heard from Jill that the two Pomeranians (one of which was blind) that we crossposted about from the LA kill shelter have been rescued! Woo HOO! Doing the happy pommy dance now ;0)
Also the Pom in the Memphis kill shelter has been pulled from the euthanasia list (thank you Alice!!!) and will be neutered this week. He should be home in Texas with our PMB's Tom and Janice very shortly. Appropriately- he will be renamed 'Elvis'.

Trevor 9/28/03
Trevor has a new toy. This is not a big deal to some but to the TREV it is a very big deal. Trevor has never had anything that was really his.

No real home. He came from a hobby breeder. No real Mommy, he was turned over to foster care at 10 months. No real TOY- he is blind and everything he became attached to was grabbed away.

Well Trevor now has a new home, a new Mommy and last night he went to Petsmart and picked out his very own new toy.

He rode in the buggy and I gave him a chance to make a choice and he chose the tiniest little squeaky chipmunk. He grabbed it and shook it and made it squeak. This made me laugh out loud.

I was told he would not play with toys. Well, he does now. He ran and put his little chipmunk in his crate and knows that it is all his!

Timber got a squeaky squirrel and Tucker picked out a pack of pressed rawhide bones, so all were happy when we left the store. Especially Trev and his little chippy!

Trevor napping with his new toy

Friday, September 26, 2003

But What about the ears?

DEAF DOG Awareness Week

September 22-28
How much do you know about deaf dogs? They can be great pets! Educate yourself by visiting this site:
Good Adoption News!

The little young female from the N.C. puppy mill was adopted this week. According to my mother who spoke with Mary Lou, she has gone to a wonderful couple that has no problem affording the surgery she needs on her luxating patellas. For this little girl we wish her the best in her brand new life!

The 'Eyes have it'

Ever wonder what your dog can see? Is it true they only see in black and white? Why do some dogs chase toys and some not? Why are some breeds better at hunting and some better as 'lap dogs'? I found a lead to a television transcript from the blind dog message board that explores these questions. If you have a few minutes - check it out at :

Catalyst - Dogs' Eyes

Thursday, September 25, 2003

POM Pups dressed up:

Tucker the Tough

Shiver Me Timbers

Trevor Wonder

Count Tuckula

King Tuck

Pumpkin Pup

Patriotic Pommies

Saint Patrick's Day Pom