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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tracker Jack- the continuing digest
HEADLINES-- "Tracker Jack Conquers Steps!" (well almost....He did the first 5!)

Steps of achievement

Some how Tracker Jack got himself down the first set of steps from the upstairs floor. ( I shudder to think how he did it, and am glad the steps are carpeted)
Timber ran up and down, trying to show him the way up. Before long I noticed her and went to see what was up, or in his case DOWN.

Jack was standing at the base of the stairs looking rather pitiful.

Tucker joined in the running up and down the steps, all in an attempt to show him how it was done.

I just happened to have my handy dandy camera and got quite a few pics as we coaxed him up the stairs.
Tongue hanging out, breath huffing, one step at a time he climbed to the top!

One small step for mankind
One giant leap for Tracker Jack