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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Great NEWS!
I just heard from Jill that the two Pomeranians (one of which was blind) that we crossposted about from the LA kill shelter have been rescued! Woo HOO! Doing the happy pommy dance now ;0)
Also the Pom in the Memphis kill shelter has been pulled from the euthanasia list (thank you Alice!!!) and will be neutered this week. He should be home in Texas with our PMB's Tom and Janice very shortly. Appropriately- he will be renamed 'Elvis'.

Trevor 9/28/03
Trevor has a new toy. This is not a big deal to some but to the TREV it is a very big deal. Trevor has never had anything that was really his.

No real home. He came from a hobby breeder. No real Mommy, he was turned over to foster care at 10 months. No real TOY- he is blind and everything he became attached to was grabbed away.

Well Trevor now has a new home, a new Mommy and last night he went to Petsmart and picked out his very own new toy.

He rode in the buggy and I gave him a chance to make a choice and he chose the tiniest little squeaky chipmunk. He grabbed it and shook it and made it squeak. This made me laugh out loud.

I was told he would not play with toys. Well, he does now. He ran and put his little chipmunk in his crate and knows that it is all his!

Timber got a squeaky squirrel and Tucker picked out a pack of pressed rawhide bones, so all were happy when we left the store. Especially Trev and his little chippy!

Trevor napping with his new toy