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Monday, June 30, 2003

These are some really good webbsites to visit if you are interested in Pomeranians:
(Pom Pic. list)
And Our very Favorite- the AOL Pomereranian Message Board- We are the Pometiers!
Little stories I have written about my two young Pomeranians, Tucker & Timber.

"In an article in the Saturday issue of the Pom Town Post, two small Poms were reported frolicking along the Battery-in the Charleston harbor of SC, Friday night. Passerbys reported that one fluffy orange boy was seen standing in the Pineapple fountain howling at the moon. The smaller Pom was seen watching the harbor for any signs of invasion or attack. Both Poms had heard that the East coast was under Orange alert and had traveled a long distance with their Mom & Dad to check on their human sister attending college in Charleston. After much licking of faces, a thorough search of the harbor and trip to the pier both Poms decided it was safe for the time being for their sister. The human sister was seen swinging in the dark with her Citadel cadet on the pier with two smug Pommies looking on. For them-the coast was safe, the Pom Patrol was standing guard."
Story #2
Yesterday Tucker had to go see the Vet for 'poopey problems'(to put it delicately). Timber was due her last booster so I put her in her crate & brought her along sitting her on the floor while the techs took Tuck's temp. He screamed loudly, and then there was a loud, low, ferocious growl that came from out of no where. It sounded like a wolf, a Timber wolf. The techs looked at each other and then looked at poor Tuck and said, "Was that him?"
I laughed & pointed to the floor & said,"No. That's his baby sister"