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Friday, April 30, 2004

Little blind Trevor enjoying the sunshine and flowers. Just look at that 'smile'!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I am sure most every one has heard of the 'Red Hat Society'. My mother has become a member and opened her own chapter. This group has been inspired by the poem called 'The Warning' by Jenny Joseph. It tells all of the things this woman wants to do when she becomes old and wears purple and red.
I decided to write my own and would like to share it here.

"Purple and Red "
by Elaine Harris

As I become an old woman I shall wear purple and red.
I'll wear a silly red hat which every body notices and turns to stare.
I will spend my time and assets on helping those I can-
And rescuing as many animals as I can take care of,
and being sure I can get the ones I can't take, to safety.
I shall not fritter away my valuble time watching useless TV shows. I will stay connected to the world as long as I can see, via the Intrenet.
I will enjoy each day as if it were my last.
I will cease to worry about what other people think.
I shall roll up my pants and take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the creek.
I will sit on the ground and hug the dogs regardless of how dirty they are. I will lay back and let them walk all over me and let them lick me in the face. I will have conversations with them and talk as if they understand every word.
I will spread smiles and kindness.
I will teach others to do the same. I will teach others to treat people and animals the way they would like to be treated.
I would contact our legislators and ask that a law be passed that everyone that eats in a restaurant, must first learn how to be a server.
I will be patient as I stand in line. I will ask others how they are, and really listen when they answer.
I shall never be ashamed to tell others that I will pray for them and then do just that.
I shall compliment people and make them feel a little better for being in my company.
I will slow down and evalute my priorities. Money will not be at the top of the list.
I will tell my family I love them everyday.
I will work on being selfless and sharing the love of Christ.
I will explore and develop my talents and inspire others to do the same.
I will take good care of my body so my family won't have to.
I will ride with the windows down and let the wind mess up my hair.
I will kiss my husband in public and make him blush.
I will turn my radio up in the car and sing out loud!
I won't look back at the coulda's, shoulda's and woulda's
but will be thankful for where I am today, what I am today, and who I am today.
I think I'll start today...