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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Tracker Jack- the continuing digest of a PuppyMillrescue Chapter 3

Little Tracker Jack is on my lap on a dryer warmed blanket I picked him up on. He gets cold easy. His feet seem to stay cold.
He follows me every where.
We worked on the steps yesterday. He did one up all by himself.
He barks at his reflection in the glass doors. It is so cute!

I went shopping yesterday and bought four fleece oval cushion beds and four new toys. When I came in a scattered them all on the floor and it was so funny watching them run and hop in each bed and shake and grab the toys. I got small soft ones that Jack can pick up.

He reminds me of Linda Landers little 'Happy', her little beautiful Pom that she rescued from the puppy millers that had cut her ears off.
He watches me with the most adoring eyes and even though he kind of gets stiff as you are picking him up, he loves to be held. It is so hard for me to understand why he would be so sweet when he was so mistreated.
I was told he came from a dark, stinking, windowless, building that had cages about 3'x3' with six or seven dogs in each box. They were just standing all over each other. The miller would reach in and grab them by any body part she could get a hold of and pull them out. There was a dumpster like thing close by- we can only imagine what she must have thrown in there.

He has run and played and barked with little blind Trevor this morning. They have had a wonderful time. Jack is feeling so much better.

The most remarkable thing happened last night. I was putting an extra blanket down in his bed and was on my knees straightening it out. As I was talking to him and telling him I never wanted him to be cold again, he walked over and gave me three little butterfly kisses on my cheek. I was so surprised I began to cry. Even my husband got all teared up. It was amazing. It was as if he knew everything I was saying to him.

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